Biden Admin Pushing Abortion Pills Despite The Supreme Court Verdict

Biden Admin Pushing Abortion Pills Despite The Supreme Court Verdict

Biden Admin Pushing Abortion Pills Despite The Supreme Court Verdict

Biden Admin Pushing Abortion Pills Despite The Supreme Court Verdict

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling last week overturning Roe versus Wade, the Biden administration has initiated what they have dubbed a “action plan.” Increasing access to “the abortion pill” in states where abortion is prohibited is at the top of the list.

However, despite the risks being extremely substantial, the harmful side effects of the abortion pill are rarely documented.

Xavier Becerra, secretary of health and human services, has labeled the Supreme Court ruling as “despicable” and has vowed to use his influence to “keep all alternatives on the table.” One step would be to mandate that federal health organizations supply the pill in situations where the mother’s life is in jeopardy, such as rape or incest, even in areas where it is illegal.

“Medical abortion is now legal.”

Biden Admin Pushing Abortion Pills Despite The Supreme Court Verdict

This pro-life organization offers a 24/7 hotline and local crisis pregnancy options for anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy. 

But Toni McFadden told CBN News a gripping account of her emotional and physical devastation after ending her pregnancy with the abortion pill. She now dedicates her time to pro-life causes, specifically warning others not to use the abortion pill or undergo any other methods of abortion.

“I was afraid that my boyfriend was going to leave me,” she said. “I remember him saying to me, ‘You don’t want to keep it do you?'”

Toni took the abortion pill, which actually involves two separate drugs. The first is mifepristone, which kills the baby by blocking progesterone, a hormone necessary to keep the child alive, followed by misoprostol, a couple of days later, which causes the uterus to contract, forcing the baby out of the mother. The woman is often alone when this happens and is forced to dispose of the baby’s body herself.

“I do just remember looking down into the toilet and just thinking like, just being in shock,” Toni recalled.

She immediately felt regret.

“The grief of taking the life of your own child,” she said, “it changes you.”

Biden Admin Pushing Abortion Pills Despite The Supreme Court Verdict


Regret Taking an Abortion Pill? You Can Reverse It, but States Are Debating if Doctors Should Tell You

ABORTION PILL REGRET? Abortion Pill Reversal hotline

In addition to the emotional toll, terrible physical pain began two months later.

“I started getting the most excruciating pains going throughout my entire body, and I went into the bathroom and there were blood clots the size of my fists leaving my body, bleeding for hours,” Toni said. “I went through this pretty much all by myself. The boyfriend that I had actually broke up with me during this time as well.”

Two years later, a routine medical exam revealed more damage.

“The nurse asked me if I had an abortion before, and I said, ‘Yes, why did you ask me that?’ And she said because you have scar tissue,” Toni recalled.

Complications like Toni’s are often never reported.

Tessa Longbons, a senior research associate with the Charlotte Lozier Institute, told CBN News many pro-life advocates refer to the abortion pill, medical abortion, or RU-486 as chemical abortions, and says her organization has discovered the practice is more dangerous than surgical abortions, despite the FDA’s pronouncement that it’s safe – a claim largely based on incomplete reporting data.


“As many as 95% of all abortion pill complications are not reflected in FDA’s data and they don’t even collect most data anymore. They only require reporting on deaths,” she said.

The FDA approved the abortion pill regimen in 2000 for women who are no more than 11 weeks pregnant. Just last year the FDA dropped the requirement that doctors see patients in person before prescribing it, opening the door to a vast telemedicine abortion expansion in which women can receive the pills in the mail.

“They’re pushing for less and less medical oversight, sending the drugs through the mail. This can put women at risk for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy if she hasn’t received the proper medical oversight and the proper physical exam before undergoing the abortion,” Longbons said. “Incomplete abortions, where pieces of the baby are left inside the woman’s uterus, that is a frequent complication with chemical abortion, and that’s why we had so many people admitted to the hospital to have to finish these abortions.”

Biden Admin Pushing Abortion Pills Despite The Supreme Court Verdict

Adding to the incomplete data picture surrounding complications from abortion pills, women who are suffering from complications after taking the abortion pill and seek medical attention from places like a hospital emergency department, don’t reveal they attempted an abortion, and instead tell doctors they are having a miscarriage. In fact, many abortion advocates advise women who take the abortion pill and later require medical attention from a complication, to do just that.

“We know that induced abortions are not the same as miscarriages,” Longbons said. “They should not be treated the same, and women should not be given bad advice not to share this important information with their doctor.”

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