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Jesus Lifters was initially established on July 7th, 2017 with an encounter from John 12:32 as a music ministry but received direction on Aug 8th, 2021 to divinely spread its tentacles to be a Major frontline for the propagation of the global spread of the Gospel our Lord Jesus Christ through all available internet facilities.

We are fashioned to give millions of people across the continents of the world unhindered access to life-transforming, mind-renewing, inspirational, and educative information for the online community. Our Amazing platform provides opportunities to share thoughts, ideas, opinions and also get the best messages, books, sermons, and music from Anointed Ministers of God.

Our Mission

To Draw Men Closer to God Thereby Causing the Knowledge of The Glory of the Lord to Cover The earth as Waters covers the seas through access to Insightful and Impactful Teachings and contents by the Help of The Holy Spirit.


Our Mandate


A mandate to have at least five out of every group of Ten persons all over the world gain full access to the supernatural through our God based contents such as sermons, praise, e-books, and many more on this platform for the sole purpose of THE SALVATION AND RESTORATION OF MANY SOULS BACK TO JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR.

Our only source of direction and inspiration is the HOLY SPIRIT and we are committed to partnering with him to ensure JESUSLIFTERS fulfil our mission and mandate.


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