Max Lucado Daily Devotional 16 December 2022 (Friday)
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Max Lucado Daily Devotional 16 December 2022 (Friday)

Read Max Lucado Daily Devotional Today 16 December 2022

Max Lucado Daily Devotional


Max Lucado Daily devotional for today is here. This devotional is a pure revelation of God’s love for the hurting, the guilty, the lonely, and the discouraged. Find the perfect peace, hope and the love you need daily.




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Would you do what Jesus did? He exchanged the worship of angels for the company of killers. If you were God, would you? I wouldn’t, but Christ did.

Jesus humbled himself. He went from commanding angels to sleeping in the straw. Why? Because that is what love does. It puts the loved before itself. Your place in heaven was more important to him than his place in heaven, so he gave up his so you could have yours.


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It’s time to let his love cover all the things in your life. Every promise broken, every cross word, and harsh word. His love covers all things. Let it. Do it for his sake, for the peace of your heart. Do it for their sake, for the people in your life. Let his love fall on you so yours can fall on them.

Max Lucado  Devotional Today


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